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What is
What are "vortals"?
What types of web sites can be found in
What is the aim of
What are the qualities of
What is this vertical search with
How can Barbaralba cover all subjects, if you start receiving external links after two clicks?

What is was and again will be an annotated, edited metaguide, which is updated on a daily base in five languages. It offers global access to vertical portals, subject-specific search sites and the most important websites.

What are "vortals"? is a portal of vortals. Vortals are vertical portals that focus their information, products and services onto a specific subject - in contrast to the known horizontal portals and search engines that facilitate a broad, but mainly superficial access to all of the subjects.

What types of web sites can be found in contains the following types of web sites:

  - subject-specific link collections, directories and search engines (i.e.
  - regional and country-specific link collections, directories and search engines (i.e.
  - general link collections, directories and search engines (i.e.
  - the most renown sites of information (i.e.
  - the most useful web sites (i.e.
  - the most popular Internet-shopping web sites (i.e.
  - the most "bizarre" web sites (in "Underground")

What is the aim of
Internet users are facing one big problem: data overload. There are several billion web pages now. Institutes of market research proclaim that the Internet's growth of data will be increasing on an even faster level in the future. The number of web sites will double every six months.

Nonetheless, it is the aim of to facilitate access to all relevant data of high quality in the whole of the Internet - overcoming borders of countries and languages. The aim is therefore to facilitate this access to ALL the important data with as few links as possible.

This is achieved by listing those websites that are constantly being updated by their operating authorities, thereby keeping an overview on the important information concerning their subject. To master the amount of data is only possible through the work of many people.

What are the qualities of is the only portal that will facilitate fast and limitless access to subject-specific search sites and link collections on the internet, links to links. Instead of an endless list of search results, you will find the ideal search tools for any of your search queries.

The points listed below spell out the uniqueness and quality of

- the only existing portal of vertical portals (called vortals)
- user guidance in several languages
- web sites in several languages
- fastest possible navigation, external links only three clicks away
- editing
- search results sorted by grade of popularity
- daily updated works with the international aspect of the Internet. has worked at building a data bank based on the proportionate increase of web sites in several languages so that the users of different language backgrounds can be served in a way previously unseen.
In doing so, is supporting the global exchange of information. Only the Internet addresses that are of actual use to the user are listed. will show many similar search alternatives. This is very helpful in saving time and money.

Through a focus - as regards content - on subject-specific, vertical portals, for the first time offers an overview on these highly informative web sites, which help to call up virtually all information - in a subject-specific context.

A new concept of navigation facilitates to reach more than 50,000 links to more than 700 subjects by only three clicks of the mouse - no other directory offers a faster or more efficient navigation.

The external links are sorted by grade of popularity - the user can be certain to find the most frequently visited web sites at the top of the result page. The user should also keep in mind that all links existing in are of high quality, therefore the mere frequency of clicks is not necessarily an indicator of quality of the individual web sites.

What is this vertical search with
A fish swims around in the ocean. An albatross glides on the wind diving down to snatch the fish. The albatross flies back up after it has its fish. It dives back down when it is time for another.

Get your fish quickly by clicking through the category:

1. Click the appropriate category (i.e. Travel & Transportation)
2. Choose your desired category (i.e. Last Minute & Discount Travel)
3. Visit a few of the listed portals. (i.e. "ETN“, "Preview Travel“)
4. The portals have your fish (i.e. 14 day in Jamaica, fish included)

If you don’t see a clear line to your fish, use the search help:

1. Most important: give a general term (i.e. "Travel“ or "Transportation“)
2. Choose your desired category (i.e. Last Minute & Discount Travel)
3. Visit a few of the listed portals. (i.e. "Travelallover“, "Preview Travel“)
4. The portals have your fish (i.e. 40 days in Sea Breeze Inn)

We give you the most helpful Web sites, the biggest and best fish. Some are bigger than others and some swim in different waters. Read the descriptions and visit two or three that suit your tastes. The order of the links has little to do with their quality. Don’t be afraid to click the next page. We keep them trimmed and fast so you don’t get bogged down in the shark-infested waters. is not a search engine. It is a directory of directories and search engines.

How can cover all subjects, if you start receiving external links after two clicks?
This is possible because the subject-specific search sites and vortals you will find in are usually of the same directory structure as that of makes the overall focus, the vortals go into the details.

An example:

> > category: Arts, Humanities & Science > sub-category: Biology

In you will now receive the various links to external web sites that you must click in order to continue your search.
The start page of a biology search engine contains the following categories:

Bio-computer science
Molecular Biology

To each of these categories there are still further sub-categories.

This is how it works in all subjects. This is why you should search for generic terms - the search will only cover, it will not access external links.

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