Barbaralba retells the story of the story of alba:

In a metaphorical way, the albatross has a lot in common with Barbaralba:

Alba, short for 'albatross', the largest sea bird.

In a metaphorical way, the albatross has a lot in common with Barbaralba:

  • it accomplishes enormous long-distance flights (single trips of more than 1000 km) to find food.
  • it belongs to the largest flying birds.
  • it is a brilliant 'flyer' and through its 'dynamic soaring' can manage large distances without effort, can glide on for hours or even days without once flapping its wings.
  • it sleeps as it glides over the surface of the ocean.
  • the largest albatross stands a height of 1.3 m with a wing span of 3.66 m.
  • it doesn't shy away from people.
  • it is rather clumsy on the ground but a master of the sky. How appropriate in comparison to us: it took us a while to get off the ground, but now we're flying.
  • This part of the story has been well exaggerated. But we ain't dead yet.

Not to forget, the name is intelligible in many languages and leads to positive associations.

36: This is the number of top subjects of and if you are wondering, it used to be part of our name. Now it is not in the web address but it is still part of our story.

Instead of offering 12-16 categories - like other web directories - which are then supplied with many confusing sub-categories, Barbaralba offers the 36 most important subjects all clearly laid out and ever present at the left of every page, to be seen at one glance. The selection was made after empirically analysing the user's convention and conduct while surfing the net.

.com: The classic Top Level Domain was chosen to point out the international character back last millennium but to put it simply, we are made in Germany so we will go with .de for now.

the wings of the web: "The wings of the web", Barbaralba allows you to explore the Internet by flying. With the albatross, you'll have a bird's eye view of the Internet - you'll have a great view and an excellent perspective. And that was a nice little picture and we still like the wings of the web. We might go with it. We will see. We might also go with something simple for now to explain what it is: your directory to what is relevant.

Metaguide: The prefix 'meta' is derived from classical Greek and means: higher. A guide on the Internet will help you navigate and find your way; it can either deal with a certain subject or try to cover all of them. The Barbaralba metaguide is hence a higher navigation guide that allows access to other guides focused on a subject or to other orientation guides. Try it without trying to make it fly the same way the big machines do. This bird takes its fish without disturbing a million robots.

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Okay. Since you can't leave it alone, one more book link. Barbara Alba Forbidden Sex Diary. Maybe a little beyond erotic so if you are not of age please read something else for now. There is enough time to think of sex and violence when you are older.

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