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Back at the turn of the millennium this directory was in five languages. You see them here. German, English, Spanish, French, Italian. And we had a search function. We were even negotiating for our own specialized robots to build a kick ass search machine. Some or all of these features may return one day. A search function will likely come if I can convince a friend to do it for little or no money. The languages might come when this directory is used by several thousand people every day. When others become interested in this project. Till then, it is a directory in English and pretty much a big secret.

When all the categories are up with sufficient relevant links there will be some kind of a system for generating the top 36 links. Maybe there will be days when there are 18 or 24. There is no law to say it might not turn out that one day there are 42. Even 19 is possible. That's how radical we are these days. One thing is certain. If something can happen it likely will. Unless apathy sets in or some fundamentalist mad man kidnaps me and has me publicly stoned. This would be unfortunate for me but likely good for my book sales.

Until there is a reason for something different - visit

Steve Howard photograph linked to anamata.netanamata model and talent agency is by name a model and talent agency but to date it is not an official business. It is the business of anamata model and talent agency to reveal the real in all its splendour. Take a visual stroll through four different categories and when you have had a good look, go to the front page and click on a book thumbnail and read a sample of a Steve Howard e-book.

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Castle City

New Bloody Torah

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Okay. Since you can't leave it alone, one more book link. Barbara Alba Forbidden Sex Diary. Maybe a little beyond erotic so if you are not of age please read something else for now. There is enough time to think of sex and violence when you are older.