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Absurd, Bizarre & Useless Sites seems a little like anti advertising. And since I think I raved about Astrology & Horoscopes on another page I will keep it short and to the point here. Astrology & Horoscopes is not science. I have a friend who is about as clued in to Astrology as it gets and I admire her approach to astrology but I still think it is more a starting point kind of thing. Like our date. You need to start somewhere to have a reference. I don't propose to have a problem with Astrology. Astrology is, however, not a science. Astronomy is a science. Astrology is random speculation about the unknown. Star gazers trying to make reason out of random patterns that aren't really even there. And now I know where we had this subject, it was religion, where it's link with the Women, Kids & Society. Astrology was the father of our monotheistic religions. That is reason enough to understand a little about it. But Horoscopes are pure mumbo jumbo. You can disagree, you are full in your rights, but if you do, you are wrong. As simple as that. Don't let me dissuade you. Go have some fun.

Okay, let's stop raving about astrology and touch on genealogy. Thanks to the Mormons and some other researchers and record keepers, there are many written records about who had who when. In resent times they - they are scientist in this case - have developed DNA testing that will tell you who you are related to. What fun to find out your great great great great grandfather was the cousin of the half sister of a king somewhere in Scotland. Well guess what. It is true for most everyone. There has been so many bloody kings, and they loved to make illegitimate babies, that we are all related to a king. And guess another what. Kings do not have royal blood. It is an ape game. The only difference between a king and a peasant is wealth and connections. Try this out in your brain. For 60,000 years, an this is a biological, genealogical fact, we all had one male ancestor. A black man in Africa. Every human on the planet is a descendant of him. Now there was a bit of mixing with a few other primate in a few places. The point is, we are all one family. Not a religious notion. A fact.

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