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Art is open for all to pursue. It can be included in all parts of doing. Even at work. Put the dance in your movement. Everyone who draws breath is an artist. No one needs be disqualified. Anyone and everyone can be artistic to some degree.

Art and Culture. Art, well that is what it is and often it is attempting to say something. Though art is often the expression of the beauty or horror of what it, Art is also often a message. It suggests that something is not quite right. But I will not explain, you look at art and try to figure it out. Culture, that is often madness. Interesting madness some times but so often it is the rituals of mad men who are amazed at their random laws and rules of conduct. Just think about it and understand that culture is never holy. It is just a tradition that comes from not being willing to think things out a little farther.

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Steve Howard photograph linked to anamata.netanamata model and talent agency is by name a model and talent agency but to date it is not an official business. It is the business of anamata model and talent agency to reveal the real in all its splendour. Take a visual stroll through four different categories and when you have had a good look, go to the front page and click on a book thumbnail and read a sample of a Steve Howard e-book.

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Okay. Since you can't leave it alone, one more book link. Barbara Alba Forbidden Sex Diary. Maybe a little beyond erotic so if you are not of age please read something else for now. There is enough time to think of sex and violence when you are older.