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If you can't find a job here, hit the streets. Polish your shoes and walk in and tell them you want a job. Not need. Want. And yes, polishing your shoes is still for some reason very important. It shows that you took time to think about it. You are looking for a job and your are the kind of person that pays attention to detail. I remember back when I wore shoes I went to ask about a job and I saw the man look down at my shoes before he decided to talk to me about a job. I didn't get the job but he took me seriously.

Sometimes, especially when the big banks take all the money out of the system, you need to rethink what you will take for a job. Maybe a job you never thought of is suddenly the job that actually makes it fun to have a job. I have had many different jobs and the experiences have been on the most part very rewarding. And listen up. The idea of a career is a nice thing but a career should be first what you want to do. And a career just to make a living is not often the best way to live. If your career turns out to be wrong for you, get some training and education in a field that inspires your inspiration. It is your life. Not the man's.

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