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Ali Sam - Erapa. 1/6 free.

Ali Sam - Erapa
Sally and Billy's adventure starts on a summer night a few years ago in the streets of Detroit. The story starts with a wild turn. Sally and Billy are hurled into a big adventure never to see Detroit again. Their story includes a bit of brutal violence and some uncommon points of view.

As my English teacher in college wrote on my final paper (1984):
A+. Not quite according to Holye but it was the only laugh I had in all the papers. What is Hoyle, I asked her. I'm still not writing to Hoyle. Read the first 1/6 for free and see if you get it.

“What if they should take from the tree of life and live for ever.”
Unknown God

“It can’t be explained in a word.”
Ali Sam

chapter 01 _ billy takes sally for a joy ride

“Look Billy.”

Sally leaned against an English sport’s car.

“I want this one.”

Billy walked around the car once, checked the tires and the condition of the car. He wasn’t getting a car if it wasn’t in good running order. He nodded then looked up at Sally.

“It is quite an old model.”

“It’s pretty and I like it.”

“Okay. But I better test drive it first.”

“Whatever, Billy. Just get me the car. Please.”

Billy laughed. He loved to tease Sally. Sally always got her own way with Billy if she tried just a little. Sally gave Billy her, well, I’m waiting look. Billy took out his knife and cut the convertible roof off. Twenty seconds later he had the car running.

“What’s in the glove box.”

“No gloves. Oh, look. Some grass.”

Sally found all she needed to roll a joint and ignored the small handgun. They might shoot the tires out later to inspire a story. The police would try to track down the owner’s enemies. Sally and Billy set the framework for that story more than a few times.

“Do you have enemies.”

“One, obviously.”

“Do you have any idea who.”

If he did, or if she did, they would have an adventure. Sally and Billy thought the world needed more people on adventures. Adventures were fun. Fun made people happy. “Shit.”

“What’s wrong.”

“Can’t find a lighter.”

Billy pushed in the cigarette lighter.

“Holy shit. That’s a lighter.”

“Standard issue in this car. Do you know how many of these they built.”

“No. Look.”

Billy gave a quick look.

“You have talent.”

“And you have brains. Let team up and fuck some shit up.”

Sally laughed and lit the joint.

Billy looked at the beautifully rolled joint that Sally held up to admire after exhaling. He loved the big smile on Sally’s face. He gladly worked at putting it there when he could. He smiled at Sally and forgot about driving. Just for a second. Long enough to drive in front of a cement truck. That was the last thing that his brain recorded to memory for that evening.

Sally and Billy's Adventure continues ... link from cover to chapters 1 to 6

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